Catching up!

I’ve been watching Supernatural lately and needless to say, I’ve been having constant nightmares. It’s not the smartest choice but it’s such a good show I cant bear to stop. I’ve been sleeping with the bible and it does comfort me. And your cross as well. ^^ 

Assignments have been piling up. Readings are piling up. Weekly assignments are piling up. I’m so stressed but I’ve been more… zen of late. Taking things as they come and trying to do as much as can. 4 assignments and one major exam due next week. Saying lots of prayers to ask for the patience to sit down and do my work. 

And, on top of that. i’ve started insanity! it’s killing me but i’m determined to make it worth it. The no carb diet has proved to be useless. So I’m going to make it especially difficult but adding in insanity hopefully will help me lose weight faster. *HOO HAA!* 

ImageWent swimming with liz yesterday. Being such a fucking beauty queen wanna-be, i didnt remove my makeup so i didnt dunk my head in the water. HAHA. By the way, it’s a mother bitch trying to swim with my face above the water. Doggy paddle/froggy style is a bitch to do. LOLOL. oh well. hopefully i can swim with liz again soon! ^^ 



And. It was daddy’s birthday yesterday. It was really upsetting to be so far away during this celebration. ):  I miss my mom and my dad so much. It really does suck that I couldn’t be there. So incapable of saying anything other than the fact that it SUCKS.



Isn’t my daddy just the most handsome man? 😀 heheImage



it was porpor’s birthday the day before. Another celebration that I couldn’t be there for. It’s horrible thing to say but I really do have to treasure every minute, my birthday that she has. She’s gotten so weak recently and looks so physically weak and drained. I miss you porpor, I’ll come home to visit soon. i promise. xx




p.s. i love you and i miss you, boo. au revoir. a bientôt. 


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